Sidikov F.S.
Sidikov F.S. ANALYSIS OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF AN ECONOMIC MECHANISM TO ENSURE THE ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY OF MOTOR VEHICLES IN THE CONDITIONS OF UZBEKISTAN // Universum: технические науки : электрон. научн. журн. 2022. 5(98). URL: (дата обращения: 19.07.2024).
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В статье анализированы актуальные проблемы экологической безопасности эксплуатации автомобильной техники. Описано понятие об экологической безопасности в экономической сфере. Рассмотрены вопросы комплексной оценки состояния атмосферы в городских условиях. Выявлено, что имеющийся в данные момент экономический механизм экологической безопасности автомобильной техники региона нуждается в усовершенствовании.


The article analyses current problems of ecologically safe operation of automotive machinery. The concept of ecological safety in the economic sphere is described. The issues of complex assessment of the state of the atmosphere in urban conditions are considered. It is revealed that the currently available economic mechanism of ecological safety of automotive machinery in the region needs improvement.


Keywords: environmental security, road transport, economic mechanism, economic effect, innovative development, environment.

Ключевые слова: экологическая безопасность, автомобильный транспорт, экономический механизм, экономический эффект, инновационное развитие, окружающая среда.


At present, the issue of ensuring environmental safety in all sectors of the economy has become particularly acute.

In cities, road transport has a huge impact on the state of atmospheric air and the environment, which, in turn, is an integral part of environmental systems.

With the widespread growth of population in cities and, as a consequence, the increase in the number of private cars, as well as public transport, road transport has become one of the most adverse environmental factors for the urban environment and public health.

In this context, an urgent problem today is the development and implementation of measures to improve the urban environment and increase the ecologically safe operation of road transport.

Improving the quality and identifying the main economic methods for creating a mechanism that can ensure the environmentally safe operation of road transport is the aim of this study.

Close attention needs to be paid to measures that can be aimed at improving the economic efficiency of reducing the negative impact of the transport system.

In today's realities, particular attention is paid to innovative transport development. Innovation oriented to economic benefits can bring additional income, both to the country as a whole and to the regions in particular.

The principle of encouraging the application of measures for environmental sustainability should form the basis for economic impacts on innovation.

For the time being, there are no unambiguous economic impact options for maintaining a safe environment. A combination of such mechanisms is inevitable, as specific technologies, activities and types of production are important.

The use of natural resources is both general and regional in nature. Economic activity and the damage it causes are manifested in the territory of a particular region. Therefore, zoning is necessary for the formation of an economic development mechanism.

Such a development model, which takes into account ecological and other specific features of the region is able to ensure a relative balance between ecology and economy, sustainable ecological, economic and social development.

One of the priority tasks of ensuring the stable development of the country's territories is to create a mechanism that can ensure environmental security. It is the ultimate goal of this mechanism, to save natural resources from depletion, and to significantly reduce harmful emissions into the environment.

Environmental safety is a set of properties, states, processes and actions of various objects, which directly or indirectly do not lead to material damage (or threats of such damage) to the economic environment and to individuals.

Specific normative values have been identified for the concentration of various pollutants and their combinations, at which ecological systems are able to maintain their properties and the so-called ecological equilibrium is not disturbed.

In order to determine how the economic mechanism to ensure environmental safety in road transport operation functions and develops, it is necessary to consider in dynamics the cause-effect relationships.

This method makes it possible to assess the current environmental and socio-economic situation, but also its development in the future.

Two major socio-economic issues are currently determining the main directions for the improvement of the automotive power plant:

- rational use of fuel of oil origin, including its replacement by alternative energy carriers;

- reduction of the harmful environmental impact of motor transport.

The demands of the international community to limit emissions of exhaust substances harmful to public health and the environment from vehicles and to conserve energy resources have led to the emergence of modern developments of new power plants powered by new, environmentally friendly fuels.



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