Yusufjonov O.G., Ro'zaliyev H.S., Turg’unbekov A.M. EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESS OF PROCESSING CONCAVE SURFACES OF COMPLEX SHAPES // Universum: технические науки : электрон. научн. журн. 2022. 5(98). URL: https://7universum.com/ru/tech/archive/item/13736 (дата обращения: 19.07.2024).
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Целью диссертации было усовершенствование существующей технологии производства. В результате исследований усовершенствован технологический процесс механической обработки корпусной детали повышенной сложности «Корпус» в условиях серийного производства на технологическом оборудовании с числовым программным управлением.

На основании планов обработки поверхности детали был разработан стартовый технологический процесс и выполнены иллюстрации маршрута обработки. Подобрано подходящее оборудование и технологическое оборудование


The aim of the dissertation was to improve the existing production technology. As a result of the research, the technological process of machining the body part of increased complexity "Corpus" in the conditions of serial production on technological equipment with numerical control has been improved.

Based on the plans for surface treatment of the part, a starting technological process was developed and illustrations of the processing route were made. Appropriate equipment and process equipment selected.


Ключевые слова: vacuum ring, pvb, cellulose, eva, tpu, silicone rubber, nitrate.

Keywords: vacuum ring, pvb, cellulose, eva, tpu, silicone rubber, nitrate.


Machining on wholesale imalnyh modes may produ ditsya without additional adaptive devices on CNC machines, if the control program is designed with varying na - parameters of the cutting speed and feed. But as modern CAM the system - we do not take into account changes in the geometric parameters of the cutting area, the development of UP with frame adjustment will be possible only "handed - hydrochloric," which is unacceptable when a large amount of control frames.

In addition to establishing the optimal cutting conditions, at the stage of developing the cutting tool, it is necessary to take into account the effect of the cutting force on the pressing of the tool, setting the necessary correction for its geometric dimensions. As parameters optimization process surround frezerova - Nia were chosen and form error performance surface finish.

In an experimental study of the volumetric milling process, it is necessary to consider the following technological parameters:

- cutting modes;                         

- geometric parameters of the chip formation zone;                         

- geometric parameters of the tool.                        

To ensure the highest forecast accuracy of the output characteristics, as factorial designs when constructing models, designs close to D - optimal [69] were used for three variable parameters, the design matrix of which is presented in Table

At each point of the factor space, five experiments were carried out, the planning involved speed, feed, cutting depth, the range of factors is given in section 3.2. Defining display patterns change - teley process and the solution of optimization carried out with the use - vaniem algebraic polynomial of the second degree.

Technical characteristics of the machine 6B52F3.

Experimental studies were carried out on a 6B52F3 three-coordinate vertical milling machine with a SIEMENS 802 CNC system .


Figure 1 Vertical milling machine with CNC 6B52F3


Experiments to determine the geometric parameters of the cutting zone on CNC machines

Below is a fragment of the control program for Z = -50 mm, as well as geometric and calculated values ​​for a parabola (Figure 3.2), the branches of which are directed along the Z axis , and the plane is rotated from the XZ plane by 28.5 °.


Figure 2 Parameters of the control program for Z = -50 mm


The rack display shows the following information:

- the actual value of XYZ, (position);                    

- section of the program, for the actual position of the tool;                    

- often the spindle rotation - S;                    

- feed F.                    

Once in software is required baking was introduced by definition block division arc radius circumference surface treated in councils - a block (. Figure 3.4), by definition, previously has been inserted optionally-governing program - CLOSED plots (2.19).

A 3D model of a spherical surface was built in UNIGRAPHICS CAD .


Figure 3 Spherical surface programming R 1- radius of the cutter trajectory, R 2- radius of the machined surface


The developed control programs for various parameters of the preliminary allowance, the radius of the tool sphere , and the radius of the machined surface were tested on a CNC machine.

At sites "wall" machine practiced by moving the feed frame MA1 S = 500 mm / min, when approaching a previously unprocessed area ne remescheniya perfected on frame MA2 feed S = 250 mm / min.

The experiments revealed , and the possibility that the systems councils Lenia CNC machines allow to define portions approximation instru - ment to previously untreated zone, and the feed switch in the "bottom" mode is made at a height of 0.1-0.3% of the diameter of the milling cutter that enables predot - repair the breakage of the tool.


The experiments carried out by the automatic determination of the geometry - -empirical treatment zone parameters and previously untreated areas of the ICU - the theme of the NC confirm the theoretical expression developed in the WTO - Roy chapter.

 Allowance for error processing allows to influence the geometric parameters of the formed linear dimensions and change the trajectory inst - ments to compensate for the error parameter, which greatly increases the accuracy finishing processing volume of the concave spherical surfaces of complex shape cutters.    



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Assistant, Fergana Polytechnic Institute, Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana

ассистент, Ферганский Политехнический Институт, Узбекистан, г. Фергана

Assistant, Fergana Polytechnic Institute, Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana

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