Muhammadiyeva Z.B., Qayumova S.O. THE PRACTICAL IMPORTANCE OF TYPES AND GENRES OF FINE ARTS IN HUMAN LIFE // Universum: технические науки : электрон. научн. журн. 2021. 11(92). URL: (дата обращения: 04.12.2023).
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This article provides information on the Fine Arts, its attractiveness and its genres, origin, application, types, theme, content, method of work of Fine Arts and their practical significance in human life.


В данной статье представлена информация об изобразительном искусстве, его привлекательности и его жанрах, происхождении, применении, видах, тематике, содержании, способе обработки произведений изобразительного искусства и их практическом значении в жизни человека.


Keywords: genres, graphics, image, self-portrait, natyurmort, botal genre, animalistic.

Ключевые слова: жанры, графика, образ, автопортрет, натюрморт, ботальный жанр, анималистический.


This article provides information on the finish Arts, its attractivity and its genres, origin, application, types, theme, meth, of work of finish Arts and their practical signification in human life.

Figurative art - it is a kind of elegant art that combines painting, sculpture, graphics. Aks reflect reality in visual images in its easily recognizable spatial forms. Types of Fine Arts create the objectiv existing attributes of real existence depending on its characteristics - the size, color, space, as well as the material form of the subject and the luminous environment, the nature of movements and changes, from the emotional concreteness of the image to illusionism. it is possible to pass. Visual art not only describes what can be seen, but also a temporary narration of events in his works, his or her part (fabula), free storytelling, reflect dynamic movements expands, the possibilities of ideological mastering of the world expands.

When it is called Fine Art, The Art of graphics, painting, sculpture is understood.

Graphics. One of the common types of contemporary art is graphic art. This type of Fine Art includes drawing in a simple black pen, thematic compositions, used different drawing, illustration, poster, cartoon, charging, sticker, brand mark, exlibris, etc.on the inside and outside of the book. Works of graphic art are not so large in size, but in most cases are processed on paper. One of the characteristic aspects of the graph is that it can be processed into a series, that is, it can depict an event on several sheets of paper. Pictures of such a series are interrelated with each other, revealing a certain meaning. The art of graphics is now a form of art.

Painting. The second type of Fine Art is the art of painting. Expands various paintings on the walls, paintings on polotnos, film and theater decorations belong to the same type of art. In painting, color occupies an important place. If in the graphic art the color simply passes the auxiliary function, then the painting can not be imagined without color. The artist describes the existence through color in visible images, shows the infinity of space, the colorfulness, substance, size of what is contained in it. The works of painting are again divided into monumental, workbench and decorative types according to its function and method of work. Monumental painting is closely connected with architecture, these types of works have an independent content and reflect important events taken from the life of society. Decorative painting is associated with architecture and applied art, which basically serves as decoration. In Uzbekistan, this type of painting appeared mainly from the second half of the XIX century. Currently, he occupies one of the leading places in the fine art of Uzbekistan.

Sculpture. In sculptural works, which are one of the types of fine art, it is depicted in space through forms having a whole size. Sculptures placed on the table, various sculptures and monuments installed in parks and alleys, embossed images on the walls of buildings, on the surface of coins, signs, medal are considered different views of the art of sculpture. As for the genres of Fine Arts, they are eight: portrait, self-portrait, landscape, Still Life, batal genre, animalistic, household, historical genre.

Portrait - it is one of the oldest in the genre of painting and reveals the external and internal experiences of people through the image.

Landscape - in the works of the genre, the existence, the views in nature are reflected truthfully. In the landscape are represented not only things and events, but also the inner experiences of the painter. In this genre, the artists U.Tansikbayevning “Uzbekistonda mart”, “Jonajon ulka”, “Mening qishlogim”, N.Kashinaning “Togda bahor”, Z.Inogamovning “Arpa urimi”, “Choyga” brought fame to the authors.

Still Life - as a French word, it means” inanimate nature". In this genre, artist basically describes the ingredients used in living things, food products, flowers, fruits, etc., if they are in the environment surrounding Johnson.

Through the pictures in the historical genre, we get acquainted with the events of the distant past, with historical personalities, with the culture of the people's lives.

Batal genre – "batal” is a French word, meaning “battle, “War". Tiradi he reflected in the battle landscapes. In this genre, the landscape of battle and military marches occupies the main place.

Animalistic - before the genre is a kind of Fine Art. He means in Latin animas, animal world. The Animalist artist approaches the animal world with his insatiable interest, love and skill.

Household genre - in fine art, works of this genre embody the everyday life of people, various events. The household genre, which is reflected in the color image of the majority, first appeared in the works of Dutch artists who lived in the XVII century: Peter de Cox, Ostade, Sten, Terborx, Vermer etc.

Genres and genres of Fine Arts have increased, genres of realistic orientation (portrait, landscape, Still Life, household genre) have become leaders. The period of awakening is observed vs an increase in the decorative characteristics of the game occupying a vibrant form and colors that replaces the proportions of the temperance, line, color, texture that are characteristic of the Fine Art. On the basis of human labor activity, beliefs, religious views, Fine Arts appeared and developed. The Fine Art of Uzbekistan is synonymous with the processes taking place in the world community and is characterized by the desire of every creative person to express their views and experiences in new styles and forms. In conclusion, the fine art is aimed at enlightening the life of the people, the qualities of the artist.


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