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Technical sciences (05.00.00)

01. Engineering geometry and computer graphics.
02. Mechanical engineering and engineering science.
03. Power, metallurgical and chemical machine-building.
04. Transport, mining and construction machine-building.
05. Aviation and missile and space equipment.
06. Shipbuilding.
07. Electrotechnology.
08. Instrument Engineering, Metrology and Information-Measuring Instruments and Systems.
09. Radio Engineering and Communication.
10. Informatics, computer facilities and management.
11. Energetics.
12. Metallurgy and Materials Science.
13. Chemical Engineering.
14. Technology of food products.
15. Technology of materials and products in the textile and light industry.
16. Processes and Machines of agro-engineering systems.
17. Technology, machines and Equipment for Logging, Forestry, Wood Processing and Chemical Processing of Wood Biomass.
18. Transports.
19. Building and Architecture.
20. Documentary information.
21. Safety of activity of the person.
22. Electronics.



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