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Published 25.02.2017

Table of Contents:

Ensuring operational reliability of nano-electromechanical sensors of data management complexes of mobile objects: world outlook aspects
  Skorina Sergey
  25.02.17    64
Experience of terrestrial digital television broadcasting implementation. Government regulation of terrestrial digital radio broadcasting establishment
  Adanbaev Aibek
  25.02.17    59
On the relation of production and tectological functions
  Katulsky Avgust
  25.02.17    54
Software development to trace the optimal motion trajectory of farming machinery
The overview of basic technological tools to obtain producer gas
  Zubakin Aleksey, Kipriyanov Fedor
  25.02.17    62
Refractory graphite-ceramic materials in the MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 system
Research on increase efficiency of process deslurrying sylvinite ores of Tyubegatan deposit
Processing magnesium contents phosphorites to extraction phosphoric acid
Research of organosilicon compounds synthesis based on the orthosilicic acid and spirits
Volume determination of water penetrated into the reservoir according to characteristics of water-oil displacement
Nature effect of the metal filler on rheological characteristics of polymer materials
Determination of physical-chemical and adsorptive characteristics of new activated carbon from kernels of the dried apricot
Thermogravimetric research of fruits and vegetables
  Kurbanova Madina
  25.02.17    67
Impact of fat and floury composite mixtures on the quality of wheaty sorts of bread
  Djurayeva Nafisa
  25.02.17    43
The use of flour of wheat germ product within fat and floury composites to produce baked confections such as biscuits
  Djurayeva Nafisa, Isabayev Ismoil
  25.02.17    42
The pneumoinertial actuating element for fertilizer dressing and their mixtures
  Mambetsheripova Ajargul
  25.02.17    12
The electrokinetic converted timber drying under energy deposition of crossed electric and magnetic fields
The use of innovative technologies for railway port station
  Shirokov Albert, Gorbachev Vadim
  25.02.17    85
Research of concrete beam work using the software system ABAQUS

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