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Format Requirements

  1. This manuscript is original and unpublished, and has not been nor will be submitted to another journal for consideration unless it is rejected.
  2. The minimum page count for manuscripts is 5 pages.
  3. The manuscripts, including tables and formulas, should be prepared using Microsoft Word for Windows. Page settings: page size - А4 (210x297 mm); type font - Times New Roman; type size – 12 pt; line spacing – 1.5; justified; first-line left indent – 1 cm; orientation – portrait. All the images should be in jpg, gif, bmp. The images produced in MS Word are not accepted. All the figures and tables should be numbered and named or accompanied by a comment and inserted in the right place (not in the end).
  4. Title and Author(s) Information format: title - italic,bold, UPPERCASE, centered; next line - full Author(s) name(s) -italic,bold, right-aligned; next line – academic degree, rank, position, affiliation, address, city, postal code, country (no short forms or abbreviations) –italic,right-aligned; next line – author(s) e-mail(s) –italic,right-aligned. The information should be provided for all authors.
  5. Abstract in English following a blank line
  6. Keywords (in English) separated by commas
  7. Main text following a blank line
  8. ''References'' following a blank line. References should be arranged alphabetically and prepared according to Harvard style. For the in-text citation, use the author(s) surname, date, and page number (if you are using a direct quote) for an in-text citation. Use "and" for two authors. Use ''et al.'' for works with three and more authors. The in-text citation should be placed in parentheses, e.g. (Smith, 2013, p. 201), (Jones and Clark, 2014), (O'Hurn et al., 2010). Footnotes are not allowed.

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