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The procedure of peer review

1. Upon receipt of Article a secretary of an editorial board defines compliance of article to a profile of the journal, to requirements for formatting and directs the Article for reviewing to one of members of editorial council or the external reviewer – to the expert, the Grand PhD (Doctor of sciences) or the PhD in sciences having the closest to Article subject scientific specialization.

2. The term of peer reviewing of Article - 3 days.

3. In the peer review of the member of an editorial board or the external reviewer the following questions are considered:

а) conformity of the content of Article to the subject of declared in the name of the topic;

b) far as Article corresponds to modern achievements in the field of the theory and practice of social sciences;

c) accessibility of material of article to readers, from the point of view of language, style, an arrangement of material, presentation of tables, charts, drawings and formulas;

d) the expediently whether the publication of Article taking into account novelty of materials of Article;

e) what shortcomings have in the Article, which corrections and additions the author of Article needs to make;

f) taking into account correction of the shortcomings noted by the reviewer, is recommended or isn't recommended this Article for publication in the magazine «Universum: social science».

4. All reviews executed by members of an editorial board are reassert by publishing house; the peer reviews executed by external reviewers – are reassert of the order established in establishment where the reviewer works.

5. If the peer review contains recommendations about correction and completion of Article, the secretary of an editorial board of the «Universum: social science» Journal sends to the author – comments from reviewer with a proposal to take into account them when preparing a new version of the article or with deep arguments to refute them (partially or completely). Modified (revised) by author the Article is sent for re-review.

6. Article to a reconsideration is not accepted if it did not recommended by the reviewer for publication. The text of negative conclusion is sent to the author by e-mail.

7. After acceptance by editorial board of the «Universum: social science» Journal of the decision about the admission of Article to the publication for author give out the invoice for payment of the publication which covers publishing expenses. To author by e-mail is informed about receipt of payment, and also on the timing of publication.


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