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Лукьянова Татьяна Александровна

Lukyanova Tatyana
Лукьянова Т.А.

ведущий специалист Института трансдисциплинарных технологий, 360024,Кабардино-Балкарская Республика, г. Нальчик, ул. Ашурова, 5, оф.8

Lead specialist of Institute of Transdisciplinary Technologies, 360024, Russia, Kabardino – Balkar Republic, Nalchik, Ashurova St. 5, Apt. 8

Все статьи автора:
From disciplinarity to transdisciplinarity in concepts and definitions
  Mokiy Vladimir, Lukyanova Tatyana
  20.07.16   1690
Risk analyses of UNESCO’S strategic goals for 2014–2021
The classification of systematic approaches – the solution basis of complex and multiple problems of society, science and technology
Fundamentals of transdisciplinary concepts and methodology of sustainable development
  Mokiy Vladimir, Lukyanova Tatyana
  27.05.15   2412
From the philosophy of science – to the imperatives of sustainable development
  Mokiy Vladimir, Lukyanova Tatyana
  28.10.15   1728

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