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01. General pedagogics, pedagogics and formation history

Universities’ autonomy: personal-axiological educational model Статья написана по заказу редакции
  Knyazev Eugene
  08.06.14   1664
Axiological foundations of the conceptual analysis of educational discourse
  Artyukhova Irina
  08.09.16   774
Updating and modernization of the key concepts of the theory of pedagogical systems V.P.Bespalko and its basic principles from a position of competence and technological approaches to learning in the university
  Gerasimov Evgeny, Kudryashova Marina
  08.04.14   1539
Children's homelessness and neglect in Kyrgyzstan
  Abdymomunova Baktygul
  07.04.15   1529
Оpportunities for the development of systemic thinking in math class
  Berdnikova Anna, Mazur Maria
  07.08.15   1264
Physical education of children in Ukraine rural preschools in the magazine "Doshkіlne vihovannya" (70-80 years of the twentieth century)
  Melenets Ludmila
  08.01.14   1718
Высшая школа в Российской империи в воспоминаниях выпускников
  Shmelev Andrey, Abramov Aleksey
  08.01.17   833
Preschool education in the Republic of Armenia: nowadays challenges and development perspectives
  Dallakyan Alla
  08.09.16   813
Lycopus europaeus l. as a subject of research on genetics and biometrics
Game of intellectual cooperation in the educational process
  Faritov Anatoly
  08.04.17   421
Innovative activity at the pre-school educational institution - the key to its competitiveness at the education market
  Borisova Natalia
  08.10.16   914
The use of a project and research method when teaching data bases to students of the tenchnical institution
  Yergaliev Yerlan
  08.01.17   971
Use of modern educational technology quest in increasing gender competence of PEO teachers
  Borisova Natalia
  08.06.17   256
The history of cadet education and modern upbringing environment in the professional making of cadets at secondary school № 6, the town of Kanash, the Chuvash Republic
Interpersonal relations as a pedagogical task in the system of health forming education
  Orehova Tatyana
  07.08.15   1636
Multi-level system of university education in France
  Zablotskaya Oksana
  08.06.14   1455
A neuropsychological aspect of studying sound and syllabic word structure disorders
  Artemova Eva, Grigorieva Olga
  08.10.16   1157
New forms of organization of students’ voluntary work in social institutions
Teaching Auditing in the English Language classroom in the University at the Present Stage
  Achkasova Natalia
  08.02.17   955
Older adults training in the lifelong education context
  Mokroguz Elena
  08.09.16   982
The students' study of score-rating system usage as a method of control in health and safety lessons
Mastering by future teachers of inclusive education by political competences
  Elena Alyoshin
  08.12.13   4499
Ontology of competence-based approach in the system of higher professional education
  Artemov Vladimir
  07.12.14   1208
Topical issues of the staff producing technology of future information techology professionals
  Korotchenko Elena, Geyne Irina
  08.02.14   1637
Pedagogical science in the system of higher pedagogical education in Ukraine in the II half of the XX century
  Lebedynets Anna
  07.11.14   1571
Pedagogical sides of an issue of children and young people’s risk behavior
  Orehova Tatyana
  08.08.16   1148
Pedagogical conditions of model implementation of cadets’ military and environmental adaptation of russian armed services training centers
  Vasiljev Alexander
  08.08.16   1019
Pedagogic conditions of developing multicultural personality of linguistic major students of higher educational institutions
Pedagogical monitoring as the factor of increase of efficiency of educational process
  Hodakova Nina, Vishtak Natalya
  08.02.14   1369
Improving pedagogical competence of parents of preschool children in the protection of children from harmful information
Effectiveness of planning the educational process at university medical department
  Bondarev Nikolay
  08.10.17   53
Rights and liabilities of subjects involved into juniors’ rights protection in the pre-school general education institution
  Masesyants Elena
  08.04.17   602
Orthodox educational tradition in the context of modern educational paradigm
Problems of designing of the basic educational programs of primary and basic general education
  Konobeeva Tatiana, Potapov Igor
  08.08.16   1050
The development of cognitive interest of school children in the conditions of supplementary education
  Silkina Olga
  08.06.16   1405
Early teaching of the foreign language in school practice of France
  Radchenko Yulia
  08.09.16   884
The effectiveness of the work in homogeneous and heterogeneous pairs with different level of knowledge at the foreign language lesson by the example of a particular task
  Revkova Elena, Sankova Irina
  08.04.17   509
Role of the expert teacher in the development of artistic skills and creative potential of junior schoolchildren
  Yakusheva Svetlana, Zuzina Anna
  07.06.15   1208
The self-analysis of a foreign language lesson as a way of professionalization by experience of using the practice and research project method
  Semenyuk Olga
  08.11.16   967
Informative basis of work organization with gifted children
  Alekseev Nikolay
  08.02.17   827
Socially focused detail as the actual reference point of minimization of risks of modern students
  Pak Lubov
  08.03.14   1216
Tyyuterskoye escort of students in the course of formation of political culture
  Elena Alyoshin
  08.12.13   4252
А universal test method of Н0 and Н1 hypotheses of pedagogical research
The formation of communicative culture of junior schoolchildren in the course of project activities
Formation of motivation to lessons by physical culture and sports in students
  Martyn Ivan
  08.06.17   339
The functions of a school and a teacher in the pedagogical views of N.I. Pirogov
  Klimina Alla
  08.02.14   1381
Existential approach in education as an alternative to sociodynamic paradigm
  Annushkin Yuriy
  08.04.16   1267

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