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Publication cost


 Price including discount*Price without discount
Publication of the Article161,5 rub. per page190 rub. per page
Printed copy of the Issue (per copy)297,5 rub. per copy350 rub. per copy
Print size (for a copy)144,5 rub.170 rub.
Electronic certificate of acceptance the Article to publicationFree
Delivery :Reprint of the ArticlePrinted copy of the Issue
 Printed copy of the Issue, reprint of the Article
Across RussiaFreeFree
Across CIS150 rub.300 rub.
Across far-abroad countries300 rub.500 rub.
Cost of additional services: 
Proofreading of the Article 35 rub. per page
Editorial changes of the text80 rub. per page
Editingof reference list80 rub. per page
Translation of the title of the Article, author's name, academic degree, academic status, place of employment, the abstract, keywords 0.35 rubles/1 sign (including gaps)

*Prices include 15% discount


For regular authors – publication of the second and following Articles10%
Publication of the Article with 10 pages or more5%

Discounts are summarized and applied to the total cost of the publication.

187 rub. per page

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Information on the Journal

ISSN: 2311-5459

Mass media registration certificate:

ЭЛ №ФС77-55878 from 17-06-2013

ПИ №ФС7-66239 from 07-07-2016

Impact-factor RSCI – 0,214

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