Universum: Chemistry and Biology

Universum: Chemistry and Biology

New issue available «Universum: Chemistry and Biology» № 12(30)

Published 05.12.2016

Table of Contents:

Density and viscosity of carbonate containing suspension forming during the conversion of calcium nitrate
  Allamuratova Ayjamal
  05.12.16    116
Obtaining of inorganic pigments based on spinels of a general type MgXЭ1-XAl2O4 И ZnXЭ1-XAl2O4 (Э=Ni, CO)
  Zaborovskaya Antonina
  05.12.16    104
Synthesis, IR and NMR spectroscopy of nickel(II) complexes based on benzoylhydrazones of 2-perfluoroacylcycloalkanones
  Avezov Kuvondik, Umarov Bako
  05.12.16    66
Spectrophotometric determination of ascorbic acid in the medicinal forms
  Akhmedova Rukiyat, Mirzaeva Hamisat
  05.12.16    74
Spectral analysis of curcumin structure
Synthesis and regrouping of 2-methoxyphenylchloracetate in the presence of small quantities of catalysts
Regrouping of meta-methoxyphenylchloracetate in the synthesis of 4-hydroxy-2- methoxyphenacylchloride and 2-hydroxy-4- methoxyphenacylchloride
The polymer complexes of some drugs with gels on the base of polyacryloilglicole acid
Сhanges of microcirculation in people under helio-geomagnetic disturbances
Effect of red pigment fractions obtained by anion exchange chromatography in vitro and in vivo
Deleterious of the golden-green leaf weevil (Phyllobius argentatus L.) for deciduous trees
  Myrkasimova Ardak
  05.12.16    40
Chemical sealing of dry salt sand of Kok-Darya of the Aral sea due to compositions-fixing agents
  Kuldasheva Shakhnoza
  05.12.16    31
Invader Rapana venosa's adaptation in the northern part of the Black sea (on the example of water areas of the Karadag reserve)
  Smirnova Yulia
  05.12.16    78

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