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Published 05.02.2017

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Copper (II) complexes based on benzoylhydrazones aroyltrifluoroacetylmethanes: synthesis, IR and ESR spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction analysis
  Avezov Kuvondik, Umarov Bako
  05.02.17    85
Identification of antioxidant activity of branded collectors’ and ordinary wine of OAO “Samarkandskii vinkombinat im. M.Khovrenko”
Amidomethylation of 2,4-dinitrophenol, diatomic phenols and their esters
  Yuldasheva Mukhabbat
  05.02.17    72
Research: beetroot red decoloring
  Sokolova Yulia
  05.02.17    81
Monomers and polymers based on natural hydroxy acid and acrylamide
  Gulomova Iroda, Mukhamediev Mukhtor
  05.02.17    188
The study of cellular interaction of brewer’s yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae with magnetic liquids
Features extraction of rare earth elements from mine waste using technologies «Biomining»
On the complexity index of diversity
  Gulamov Muhamad
  05.02.17    99
The value of the leaf blades and valuation parameters of sea-buckthorn in natural populations of Kyrgyzstan
  Kuliev Arstanbek
  05.02.17    82
Ecologic biogeochemical territory assessment of Jyrgalan basin using farm animals
  Kadyrov Gulkair, Kaldybaev Bakyt
  05.02.17    121
Assessment of potential economic contribution of forest's ecological service to the development of Kyrgyzstan

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