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Requirements to design of Article

All Articles are checked for plagiarism (the originality must be not be less 80%), are reviewed by members of the editorial board or by external peer reviewers, by the PhD or Grand PhD (Doctor of sciences) of the relevant specialty, are subject to the proofreading as literary editor. All changes are agreed to with the author of article.

  1. This Article wasn't published earlier, and also not submitted for review and the publication in other journal.
  2. The articles are accepted for publication of not less than 5 pages of text.
  3. For typing, formulas and tables it is necessary to use the Microsoft Word editor for Windows. Before typing to must be adjust the parameters of a text editor provided below: the page format: A4 (210x297 mm), fields of on 2 sm, Times New Roman font, size – 14; line spacing – 1,5; alignment on width; paragraph indention of 1 cm; page orientation - book like. The images used in article have to be a format: jpg, gif, bmp, the images executed in MS Word aren't accepted. All pictures and tables have to be numbered and supplied with names or captions and are located in the text where it is required on sense (but not at the end of the document).
  4. Making of the header in Russian: (uppercase, bold letters, alignment on the center of a line) TITLE OF THE ARTICLE; on the next line (a font fat italics, alignment on the right edge) – First name, middle initial, last name author of Article completely; on the next line (a font italics, alignment on the right edge) – academic degree, academic status, position, name of higher education institution, complete address of a higher educational institution indicating postal index, country, city (abbreviations are not allowed); on the next line (a font italics, alignment on the right edge) – E-mail for contacts. If several authors of article, the information is repeated for each author.
  5. Design of title, the full name and position in English: Information from paragraph 4 is repeated in English.
  6. The abstract is made in the Russian and English languages: from 150 to 300 words (for abstracts in each language).
    Requirements for the abstract (expert’s recommendations of Scopus Database)

    An abstract (the author’s abstract) is a brief summary of a scientific work. It can be published separately from the main text and should be understandable without reference to the article itself.

    The abstract must be:

      informative (without generalizations);

      meaningful (reflect the subject matter of the article and research results);

      well-structured (follow the logic of result descriptions in the article);


    We recommend:

      to state material facts of work;

      to describe the results of work in detail and informatively. To summarize basic theoretical and experimental results, actual data, detected interrelations and common factors. To give priority to new data and results of long-term values, important discoveries, conclusions that dispose existing theories and data, according to the author, are of practical importance;

      to repeat the structure of the article including the introduction, goals and objectives, methods, results, conclusion (conclusions);

      to specify the object, the subject and the purpose of the work if they are not clear from the title of the article;

      to describe the method or methodology of work only if they are distinct in the novelty or they are interesting from the point of view of the work;

      to use syntax constructions which are peculiar for the language of scientific and technical documents, to avoid complex grammatical constructions;

       to use proper English at the translation.  

    It is necessary to refrain from:

    -   repetitions of information contained in the article title;

    -   summary of the material which is missing from the introduction of the publication;

    -   extra parenthesis (e.g., «the author considers...»);

    -   historic references if they do not compose the subject matter of the document, descriptions of previously published works and common provisions;

    -   use of contractions and nomenclature except commonly used ones or explanation must be given after the first usage in the abstract;

    -   links to the publication number in the reference list to the article;

    -   word-for-word translation of Russian abstract into English.

  7. Keywords (are brought in the Russian and English languages) are separated by a comma from each other.
  8. Through 1 line - the text of the Article.
  9. Through 1 line - the inscription "Список литературы". After it the list of references in alphabetical order is provided, with continuous numbering, by making according to GOST Р 7.0.5 – 2008. Links in the text to the relevant source from the list of references are made out in square brackets, for example [1, с. 277]. Use of automatic paginal links isn't allowed.
    Example of formalization of the list of “Список литературы”


    The Unified format of the formalization of at-articles bibliographic lists in accordance with GOST Р 7.05-2008 “Bibliography link” (Examples of the formalization of links and at-articles of bibliographic lists).

    Author's abstract of dissertation

    Глухов В.А. Исследование, разработка и построение системы электронной доставки документов в библиотеке: Автореф. дис. ... канд. техн. наук. — Новосибирск, 2000. — 18 с.

    Analytic reviews

    Экономика и политика России и государств ближнего зарубежья : аналит. обзор, апр. 2007, Рос. акад. наук, Ин-т мировой экономики и междунар. отношений. — М.: ИМЭМО, 2007. — 39 с.


    Фенухин В.И. Этнополитические конфликты в современной России: на примере Северо-Кавказкого региона : дис. ... канд. полит. наук. — М., 2002. — С.54—55.

    Internet resource

    Официальные периодические издания : электронный путеводитель / Рос. нац. б-ка, Центр правовой информации. - [СПб], / [Электронный ресурс]. - Режим доступа: URL: http://www.nlr.ru/lawcrnter/izd/index.html (дата обращения: 18.01.2007).

    Логинова Л.Г. Сущность результата дополнительного образования детей // Образование: исследовано в мире: междунар. науч. пед. интернет-журн. 21.10.03. / [Электронный ресурс]. - Режим доступа: URL: http://www.oim.ru/reader.asp?nomer=366 (дата обращения: 17.04.07).

    Рынок тренингов Новосибирска: своя игра / [Электронный ресурс]. – Режим доступа: http://nsk.adme.ru/news/2006/07/03/2121.html (дата обращения: 17.10.08).

    Литчфорд Е.У. С Белой Армией по Сибири: Восточный фронт армии Генерала А.В. Колчака / [Электронный ресурс]. – Режим доступа: URL: http://east-front.narod.ru/memo/latchford.htm (дата обращения: 23.08.2007).

    Conference Proceedings

    Археология: история и перспективы: сб. ст. Первой межрегиональной конф. — Ярославль, 2003. — 350 с.

    Марьинских Д.М. Разработка ландшафтного плана как необходимое условие устойчивого развития города (на примере Тюмени) // Экология ландшафта и планирование землепользования: тезисы докл. Всерос. конф. (Иркутск, 11—12 сент. 2000 г.). – Новосибирск, 2000. — С.125—128.


    Тарасова В.И. Политическая история Латинской Америки : учеб. для вузов. – М.: Проспект, 2006. – С.305–412.

    Райзберг Б.А., Лозовский Л.Ш., Стародубцева Е.Б. Современный экономический словарь. 5-е изд., перераб. и доп. - М.: ИНФРА-М, 2006. — 494 с.

    Если авторов четыре и более, то заголовок не применяют (ГОСТ 7.80-2000)


    Патент РФ № 2000130511/28, 04.12.2000.

    Оптико-электронный аппарат // Патент России № 2122745. 1998. Бюл. № 33. / Еськов Д.Н., Бонштедт Б.Э., Корешев С.Н. [и др.].

    Journal or collection's articles

    Адорно Т.В. К логике социальных наук // Вопр. философии. – 1992. – №10. – С. 76–86.

    Crawford P.J. The reference librarian and the business professor: a strategic alliance that works / P.J. Crawford, T.P. Barrett // Ref. Libr. – 1997. Vol. 3. № 58. – P.75–85.

    Заголовок записи в ссылке может содержать имена одного, двух или трех авторов документа. Имена авторов, указанные в заголовке, могут не повторяться в сведениях об ответственности.

    Crawford P.J., Barrett T.P. The reference librarian and the business professor: a strategic alliance that works // Ref. Libr. 1997. Vol. 3. № 58. P.75–85.

    Если авторов четыре или более, то заголовок не применяют (ГОСТ 7.80-2000):

    Корнилов В.И. Турбулентный пограничный слой на теле вращения при периодическом вдуве/отсосе // Теплофизика и аэромеханика. – 2006. – Т. 13, - №3. – С. 369–385.

    Кузнецов А.Ю. Консорциум – механизм организации подписки на электронные ресурсы // Российский фонд фундаментальных исследований: десять лет служения российской науке. – М.: Науч. мир, 2003. – С.340–342.

    Electronic sources

    Художественная энциклопедия зарубежного классического искусства / [Электронный ресурс]. – М. : Большая Рос. энцикл. [и др.], 1996. – 1 электрон. опт. диск (CD-ROM).


  10. Through 1 line – title «References».
    Requirements for the list of References (expert’s recommendations of Scopus Database)

    References are a completely separate unit repeating the list of bibliography to the Russian-speaking part regardless of foreign sources. If there are references to foreign publications in the list of bibliography, they are fully repeated in References.

    General scheme of describing the source of literature in References:

    - the authors’ full name separated by a comma (transliteration);

    - translation of the title of the article into English;

    - the name of Russian-speaking source (transliteration) is written in italics;

    - translation of the source name into English is in square brackets;

    - imprint (place of publication, year, release number, pages) with indications in English;

    - specification on the working language.


    Usmanov T.S., Gusmanov A.A., Mullagalin I.Z., Muhametshina R.Ju., Chervyakova A.N., Sveshnikov A.V. Features of the design of field development with the use of hydraulic fracturing. Trudy 6 Mezhdunarodnogo Simpoziuma “Novye resursosberegayushchie tekhnologii nedropol'zovaniya i povysheniya neftegazootdachi” [Proc. 6th Int. Symp. “New energy saving subsoil technologies and the increasing of the oil and gas impact”]. Moscow, 2007, pp. 267-272. (In Russian).

    Several principles:
      • we recommend you to use special Internet resources for transliteration: http://translit.net/;
      • when describing publications without authors (collected books, multi-authored monographs), it is allowed to write one or maximum two editors of the publication instead of authors;

      it is possible to make a short title with specification in brackets (unpublished) for unpublished documents, if there is authorship (taking into account the author’s references), “Unpublished Source” or “Unpublished Report” etc., if there is no authorship in the document;

      • it is possible to make a short title with specification in brackets (unpublished) for unpublished documents, if there is authorship (taking into account the author’s references), “Unpublished Source” or “Unpublished Report” etc., if there is no authorship in the document;
      • it is necessary to specify the number of pages of the publication in imprint of publications in References (articles, books): the range of pages in the publication is pointed out as “pp.” before pages; the number of pages in the complete edition (book) is pointed out as “p.” after specifying the number of pages;
      • it is necessary to remove special delimiters (“//”, “–“) between margins;
      • a complete place of publication is written in English. It is better to denote the publishing office by adding the word Publ. The name of the publishing office remains as transliterate.
      • if the described publication has doi, it must be specified in the bibliographic entry in References, because this identifier is the most specific information source about the article;
      • it is undesirable to make voluntary contractions of source names in References;
      • the type of publications should not be designated in descriptions of Russian-speaking textbooks and work-books.

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